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Why I Created Digital for Students

Digital for Students is the bread and butter of Digital Careers for Humanities Students; it’s the knowledge I wish I had when I graduated from university. It’s first hand experience told through a series of articles on how to get you started in your new digital career. 

I want to help you break out of your career limbo, and claim a new career!

I will share tips and secrets on how to monetize your degree, and have a fulfilling career using the skills you acquired throughout your time at university.

You will also get: 

  • A step by step guide on how to land your first job in digital
  • A breakdown of digital roles best suited to your skills
  • A curated reading list at the end of each article 
  • Do’s and don’ts of digital interviews
  • Hear directly from CEO’s, COO’s, Designers, Communication Managers (Real quotes, real interviews, real people) 
  • Templates to help you get started with your application process

What’s my story?

My story is just like yours. In 2012 I found myself graduating from University College London with a BA in German and Italian, and no idea of where to go next. I didn’t want to go into law, or teaching, and I certainly didn’t see myself as a call centre agent. I was able to speak 4 languages fluently, quote from Dante’s Inferno, and write an award winning comparative literature essay. I felt like I had a thousand options, and none at the same time.

How could I apply what I learnt at university, and enjoy my career?

It seems that this question remains unanswered, and not just for language students, but globally. I found that my colleagues knew exactly what they wanted, and they were recruited weeks after graduation. I stumbled across an MA, and got myself more qualifications only to find myself exactly where I started, lost. 

After a year of finding myself, working low paying jobs around Italy, Vienna and the UK, I moved back home to Belgrade – jobless. With more luck than anything I found a career where I could be creative, and process driven at the same time. I can work from the comfort of my home, or across the world in Australia. I get to contribute to an inclusive, people centric company, use my languages, and travel the world. 

What’s my promise to you

I won’t promise you a quick fix, or a job. What I can give you are options, ideas, starting points. Think of this as your career guide into the digital world. I can’t teach you everything I know, but I can help you avoid pitfalls and show you how to develop additional skills on top of your academic ones.

 I can help you answer questions like:

.. and many more.

I am also here for you if you have any questions. Just head over to the contact page and drop me a line.

Get ready to log onto your digital career!

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